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  • I see myself wanting to be 100% in each grade, knowing what I am doing and that Smash Education helps me achieve it. I think is very easy and simple, and if you do need a help there is always a way t contact them and there are always available.

  • I am happy because with Smash Education it does tell you if you are doing wrong, so it helps me really to improve.

  • From the beginning was so simple for me to use it, I am feeling glad that Smash Education is something is going to help me.

  • Smash Education has been incredible for my students and leaves me free to help them individually. I love the culture that I can teach, the videos at the beginning of the lesson as intruduccion or end as a review / information.

  • I love the fact that Smash Education is basically a system that is customized to yours and your students needs and not backwards. It is the only one that I found with this characteristics.

  • Smash Education is an internet program that allows students individual learning. What I like about the program is that they t to the needs of each teacher content level. If you need something speci c, you can send content and they nalize and upload it to the system, allowing each teacher to have control of the program

  • Smash Education have provided work in the sense that we have a system that helps our teachers to practice AP Spanish Language and prepares students for the AP exam.

  • Our school uses a university model approach, which means that our students meet only three times a week and work from their homes the other two. For years we have been using the Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS) method to teach Spanish and we have had great success. However, our challenge has always been to provide our students opportunities to practice their listening and speaking skills during the days we do not meet.

  • I teach Spanish 1, 2 and 3 in an IB prep (International Bachelorette program). My students have used the program for two consecutive years and I could not be happier.

  • Smash Education is a great program to make your students interact and use the technology.

  • I chose Smash Education because I considered that it was time for us to move to technology and to use technology. It is more helpful for my students, because they can see if they are doing their work correctly.

  • I think Smash Education is really helpful because it's not only about reading, it really instructs you and takes you step by step.

  • I think that if I had had Smash Education in my earlier levels of Spanish it would have helped me a lot because it helps me practice reading and writing but also speaking.

  • The situational videos help you to understand how to communicate naturally, for example, when you want to talk about weather; it puts it in a more natural sounding way that just reading it in a book.

À propos de nous

Crée par des experts en enseignement d’espagnol du Mexique, États-Unis et Canada avec plus de 200 ans d’expérience combinée. Nous avons réussi à implémenter la technologie la plus avancée en éducation, tout en ayant une expérience amusante et efficace, tant pour l’élève que pour l’enseignant. Vous trouverez le programme le plus complet de débutant jusqu’á A.P. Littérature.