Powering schools in Canada, United States and Mexico


Powering schools in Canada, United States and Mexico


Engage and Propel Your Students Towards Language Proficiency!

Struggling with limited time or resources to effectively engage each student?

We’ve assisted thousands of language educators, school administrators, and tutors in constantly improving student engagement and proficiency levels.

Smash enhances traditional classroom settings with interactive games and a scaffolded immersion approach to learning, aiding in fluency while saving teachers' time with ready-to-use lessons and activities.

Enhance and Elevate

Bring your Core French, French immersion, English Language Learners (ELL), and Spanish programs to a higher standards.

  • School Boards

    • Easy deployment and implementation
    • Ability to import students from Microsoft, Apple or Google Classroom
    • Ongoing training and support for teachers
    • Admin portal for school districts
  • Schools

    • Standardize language teaching
    • Seamless transition to new teachers and co-teachers
    • Use Smash with classes without language teachers
    • Ongoing training and support for teachers
    • Admin portal for schools
  • Transitioning newcomers to regular classes

    Smash offers personalized support for newcomers, assessing language proficiency and assigning tailored content for independent learning at school and home, while teachers monitor progress and provide crucial feedback.

  • Bridging academic gaps

    Bridging academic gaps with immediate feedback and differentiated instruction is crucial to ensure equitable opportunities and personalized success for all students in their educational journeys.

Smash Education is revolutionizing language learning in North America with a tailored and immersive approach, focusing on individual student needs to achieve oral fluency through interactive simulations and real-time conversations with native speakers.

We support the following programs
grades 1-12:

  • English for newcomers
  • English as a second language
  • Core French
  • French immersion
  • Paliers for newcomers in Quebec
  • Spanish as a foreign language
  • Mohawk language

With features like automatic grading, interactive activities, and an extensive library of educational videos, Smash Education streamlines teachers' tasks and delivers a personalized, engaging, and efficient learning experience for students.

Smash Education improves traditional classrooms with interactive games and a structured immersion
approach, fostering fluency and providing teachers with time-saving, pre-prepared
lessons and activities.

The top 5 benefits :

  1. 1

    Complete Program: Pre-established lessons based on our scaffolded immersion pedagogy.

  2. 2

    User-friendly tools: Deliver and teach the content in alignment with the principles of explicit pedagogy.

  3. 3

    Detailed student monitoring: Various reports for continuous assessment.

  4. 4

    Adaptability: Can be tailored to accommodate newcomers and students with academic gaps.

  5. 5

    Customer Success: A dedicated team committed to your success and that of each student, offering personalized customer service.

Every pre-made lesson follows our Scaffolded Immersion Pedagogy ®

The potency of scaffolding is harnessed in each class, as native speaker recordings, videos, illustrations, and interactive activities collectively enrich the learning experience.

Scaffolded Immersion Pedagogy®

  • Every mission begins with a solid foundation of vocabulary. 1

  • This is succeeded by applied grammar exercises, allowing the application of the vocabulary in action. 2

  • Following this, there is the modeling of native speakers in authentic real-life scenarios. 3

  • Students apply their knowledge through action-oriented activities. 4

  • Smash meticulously collects individual student progress and performance, transforming it into detailed reports. 5

Delivering content in alignment with the principles of Explicit Pedagogy:

Enhance instructional efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. 1

    Introduction and purpose with clear explanations

    The presentation mode
    Bring your class to life using your projector or Smartboard with thousands of videos, songs, and interactive activities.

  2. 2

    Modeling and guided practice

    The real-time instruction mode
    This mode allows you to teach and interact with every student in real-time. It gives you total control over your students' progress and performance.

  3. 3

    Independent practice and feedback with real-world connections and reflection

    Independent work mode
    Students find immediate feedback and the perfect practice for listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all while completing the most advanced curriculum to learn a language.

  4. 4

    Review and reinforcement

    The printables
    Whether to follow along, to review, or for quizzes, our entire content is accessible in printable format.
    Learning with games
    Students can play thousands of memory games, crosswords, or word searches.

Student tracking and reports

Four comprehensive progress reports, each serving a distinct purpose, ensuring a balanced evaluation of students’
progress and performance.

  • 1 Grade Report

    This report offers a standardized summary of a student's academic performance, using numerical scores to provide a clear snapshot. It tracks progress and identify areas requiring additional support.

  • 2 Language Skill Report

    This report shows the student's competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and in advanced skills: reading comprehension, oral comprehension, writing texts, and oral conversations.

  • 3 Progress Report

    This report combines the grade report and the language skill report, focusing on the advancements made by the student. This comprehensive overview highlights the student's strengths, challenges, and areas of growth, extending beyond academic performance alone.

  • 4 Curricular Expectation Report

    This reports provide a comprehensive overview of the newly acquired abilities of the student. It delineates the learning objectives accomplished throughout the school year and showcases the action-oriented activities completed.

Smash for Newcomers

Swiftly integrate newcomers into regular classes

Newcomers need assistance to function in daily life conversations as well as in the academic world.

Our language programs provide your students with content relevant to daily life, allowing them to integrate and function in society.

Our Math, Science, and Reading programs help your students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the academic world.

Newcomers need personalized assistance to transition effectively to regular classes as soon as possible. Smash assesses your students' levels in French and/or English and automatically assigns appropriate content.

Students can work independently whether at school or at home, while their teachers monitor their progress and provide crucial feedback on their performance.

The immediate feedback and ongoing oral practice allow students to progress even when teachers or tutors are not around.

Teacher shortage

Smash to the rescue!

Smash for non-language teachers

Assist non-language educators teaching language classes with pre-designed audiovisual lessons, ensuring authenticity, accuracy, and engagement in language instruction.

Students don’t have a teacher

Students are falling behind the ministerial expectations in mandatory classes, increasing academic gaps.

Students take our placement test to determine their proficiency level and are automatically placed in the appropriate class or level. Non-language teachers benefit from pre-built interactive lessons with native-speaker recordings and videos for authenticity, real-life situations and action-oriented activities to test their knowledge. Smash generates detailed, comprehensive reports on student performance and proficiency.

Book A Consultation

During your individual consultation with our Language Experts, we will address:

  • How Smash brings your students to oral fluency
  • How Smash implements the explicit pedagogy
  • The ultimate report cards with detailed reports
  • How easy is to implement Smash

Following your consultation, receive a fully operational 30-day Teacher Account and up to 300 student accounts at no cost.

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Powering schools in Canada, United States and Mexico


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Advantages of using Smash

  • Lightning-fast implementation

    No need for installation; you can begin teaching in under 60 seconds.

  • Smash goes with you, wherever you go

    Teachers and students access their account seamlessly on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, whether you're at home or at school.

  • Comprehensive classes

    Every pre-made class provides a solid foundation of vocabulary, which is then used in applied grammar and brought to life in real-life conversations.

  • From zero knowledge to speaking in 60 min

    Our proprietary Scaffolded Immersion™ takes your students from zero knowledge to conversing with native speakers in 60 minutes or less.

  • Perfectly balanced, powerful feedback

    Improve your learners’ language proficiency by practicing listening, speaking, reading, and writing every time you use Smash. Instant feedback boosts confidence and solidifies progress.

  • Sound native

    Students listen and model native speakers each time they engage in Smash.

  • Enjoy the full power of audio-visual interaction

    Every class includes multiple illustrations, videos, recordings by native speakers, and interactive activities to aid in retaining and recalling the new language.

  • The importance of songs and culture

    The best way to gain a deep understanding of a language is by exploring its culture. Therefore, Smash provides cultural passages and songs to immerse your students in the language.

Students don’t have a one-to-one device

Techers take full advantage of the audio-visual pre-made lessons and the printables. Students enjoy the independent work at home or at the library.

Utilize your projector or smartboard to the fullest with the presentation mode, ensuring student engagement through:

  • Playing games
  • Listening to songs
  • Analyzing videos
  • Completing thousands of interactive activities

Access our printables for extra practice, review, and quizzes.

Students use Smash for independent practice at home or at the library.

Students have a one-to-one device

Maximize the use of Smash

  • Utilize your projector or smartboard to the fullest with presentation mode, ensuring student engagement through:

    • Playing games
    • Listening to songs
    • Analyzing videos
    • Completing thousands of
      interactive activities
  • Take back control with the real-time instruction mode.

    This mode allows you to teach and interact with every student in real time. It gives you total control over your class sequence and tempo, as well as your students' progress and performance.

  • The independent work mode is ideal for workstations, isolated work, or homework.

    It ensures that every student gets the necessary practice in the four linguistic skills, enabling the teacher to offer personalized help and eliminate academic gaps as soon as they appear.

  • Enjoy the automatically graded reports to help you keep track of your students’ progress and performance, and to take corrective action when it matters the most.

Teachers love Smash

Teachers favor Smash Education for its user-friendly platform, personalized learning options, and real-time assessment features, fostering an engaging and effective teaching environment.

Teachers save time with fully prepared lesson plans.

Each lesson follows scaffolded immersion pedagogy, bringing your students to oral fluency with real-life situations in every class.

Our real-time instruction mode engages each of your students in active learning and gives you total control over the class sequence and tempo.

The independent work mode ensures every student gets the necessary practice in the four linguistic skills, enabling the teacher to offer personalized help and eliminate academic gaps as soon as they appear.

Our detailed skills and expectations reports provide an accurate representation of the students’ levels and performance.

Students love Smash

Students love Smash for its engaging and interactive features, providing immersive learning experiences, real-time feedback, and personalized content, making the platform a favorite for efficient and enjoyable learning.

Students enjoy the ongoing participation and interactive engagement throughout the class.

Students are reassured by the immediate feedback on each of the activities.

Students appreciate the versatility of Smash's multi-device accessibility, allowing them to work independently at their own pace.

The expectation reports paint an accurate picture of the students’ levels and proficiency.

The oral practice and exposure to native speakers throughout daily conversations shape the students’ fluency and accent.

Why do all the hard work yourself?

Teaching is a demanding and time-consuming. You don’t no need to carry the burden alone.
By partnering with Smash, you gain access to:

  • 15 full-time graphic designers

  • 20 professional native voice actors per language

  • World-class customer service and support and implementation experts

  • An advanced team of programmers specialized in educational programs

  • Up to 30 expert teachers certified as CEFR evaluators


Smash Education is a team of dedicated individuals situated in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Montreal. Our global team, consisting of software engineers, language enthusiasts, and experienced language educators, has harnessed their passion and expertise to craft the most user-friendly and robust language platform available.


We envision a globally accessible and inclusive platform, breaking linguistic barriers through personalized, innovative, and continually improving learning experiences. Prioritizing affordability, community building, and lifelong learning, we aim to empower individuals to communicate effectively, fostering a sense of global citizenship while maintaining environmental and social responsibility.


With Smash, you are in the capable hands of teachers and experts in Spanish acquisition. Whether for Elementary School or High School students, you will always find professional lessons planned for you with vocabulary, grammar and conversations with native speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Our lessons are supplemented with games, culture, songs and much more. You can choose from:

Two great programs to learn Spanish
- CEFR from A1 to C1 and A.P. Language
- Kids grades 1 to 6


Helping your ELL students becoming functional in English as soon as possible is a priority for every teacher. With Smash for ELL, your students practice all linguistic skills; listening, speaking reading and writing. Then, they apply their knowledge in conversations with native speakers. You can choose from:

Course for Elementary School Students
- CEFR English
- English Kids


With Smash, you are in the capable hands of teachers and experts in French acquisition. Whether Core or French Immersion curriculum from grade 1 to grade 12, or the CEFR levels A1 to B2, you will always find professional lessons planned for you with vocabulary, grammar and native-speaker conversations supplemented with games, culture, songs and much more. You can choose from:

- Core French based on the Ontario curriculum, grades 1-12
- French immersion program grades 1-12
- Science program grades 1-5
- CEFR from A1 to B2

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